Black Hack Second Edition Review

tldr; Still a solid and simple system, but annoyances that could be deal breakers to some remain. Characters seem more powerful than in other old school games. I still think it’s best for one-shots or short-term play rather than campaigns. I prefer the original rules, but appreciate the tables and resources included with the new edition. I recently ran David Black’s The Black Hack Second Edition, a very rules-light role playing system inspired by the original edition of Dungeons and Dragons. [Read More]

Winter's Daughter Review (Includes Spoilers)

tldr; This is a good low-level adventure with excellent design and presentation. The enemies could be stronger and the traps could use more sign-posting, but this would make a good introduction to role playing for first time players. It works well as a one-shot in traditional European-style fantasy settings but easily serve as the start of a Dolmenwood campaign. Winter’s Daughter by Gavin Norman is a short adventure for D&D (there are versions for both 5E and the only Basic/Expert rules) set in the dark fairy tale setting Dolmenwood, which Norman has been fleshing out through his zine Wormskin and a few published adventures like this one. [Read More]